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Newfangled and Clueless


Adam Sessler Departs From Revision3

If I had to name a single person responsible for maintaining ‘videogame reviews’ as an actual thing besides just a score number, that person would be Adam Sessler,1 whose path is apparently splitting from that of Revision3’s in pursuit of “new avenues inside of gaming”. Definitely a ‘sad day’ in the sense that Sessler remains as one of the few, respected members of the editorial community. Until today, I guess.

If I had to blindly speculate, we’ll probably see him as part of some game studio in the near future – that’s definitely what the trend seems to be like. Besides, I’d argue that this was due to Revision3 perhaps not giving him the audience he deserves,2 although that definitely didn’t seem to be the case. So I’d have to go with somebody coming up with a better offer than any other job at editorial: a creative role.

Certainly hope this won’t be the last we’ll see of Sessler either way, though. And I’m sure it won’t be.

  1. This video review remains one of my favourites – it was also the first step into getting one of my best friends into gaming. If you haven’t watched it, watch it, and if you haven’t played BioShock Infinite, play it after watching the review. No regrets, man.

  2. Revision3 definitely seems like a shadow of its former self these days. Not entirely sure why because I don’t really know much about the intricacies of web content, so I can’t say for sure if it’s due to lack of new, original content, with stuff like Diggnation going away and Tekzilla not really being that relevant nowadays, or if it’s because of YouTube expanding its online presence and making it more feasible for smaller creators out there to do their thing and get paid for it. Maybe it’s a bit of both columns?

Copland 2014

Just making a note here on one of the best podcast episodes I’ve ever come across, so far—John Siracusa joins Guy English on Debug to talk not only about the future of Objective-C but also the idea of programming languages, deeply linked to their roots and how these affect them; if you are at all interested in anything related to tech I strongly suggest you give these guys a listen. I’m not even going to try and add to the conversation because all I’d do is continue to suck up to them and make stuff up. Just go and listen.

Monkeys and Giraffes: Why I Didn’t Like the Last of Us

Over the past few years, we’ve become far more than just familiar with the zombie craze; we’ve embraced it like no other. We’ve had 2 Left 4 Dead games,1 both of which are ridiculously fun, The Walking Dead series, World War Z, even Call of Duty and Red Dead Redemption couldn’t resist. And who could forget Dead Island, with what I still think is the best trailer for anything out there, contrasted with its ultimately disappointing and buggy final product? We’ve covered quite a lot of interesting ground when it comes to Zombies.

Time and Time Again.

Welcome to my, uh, ‘blog’ – again. After the unfortunate, tragic termination of I was left without a platform on which I could sound like a complete tool when it came to things I have no clue about, and was thus back to being limited by the horrible 140-character limit on Twitter.

Slight self-deprecation aside, I’ve been meaning to bring back a ‘blog’ of some sorts ever since I managed to kill the other one where I can just rant about stuff I’ve been meaning to rant about for some time now, hopefully in a place that allows me to post more than 140 characters at once.